“Welcome to my Portfolio.
My Name is Andrew James, I am a 3D/2D artist working in the computer games industry in the UK.
I am a highly Versatile, Creative artist with a very strong grasp of the Technical side of art. I have worked in most areas within a team including Character Art, Technical Art and Concept Art. Recently I have been focused on User Interface Graphic Design and Implementation.”
Please scroll down to explore some of the things I do and I'll try to explain my skills with a combination of words and pretty pictures, enjoy!
2D Illustration
A sample of some illustrations I have created for both my own enjoyment and in a professional capacity.
User Interface
UI Concepts
These were an exploration of different User Interface graphical styles.
Kinect Sports
I was brought in to take charge of implementing Party Mode. I was responsible for creating flash assets, action scripting, scene setup and managing and assigning art tasks.
Banjo Kazooie Nuts & Bolts
This was my first experience with UI and I was solely responsible for skinning the programmer art to give it its "janky" style.
Visual Style Concepts
These were generated to explore high level art styles and concepts.
User Interface
Viva Pinata
On Viva Pinata I was responsible for modelling, texturing, rigging and animating all the plants, weeds and flowers in the game. I then contributed to the background and UI.
Banjo Kazooie Nuts & Bolts
I started off on Banjo as a character modeller, I then took charge of modelling, texturing, rigging and animating the vehicle engines and wheels.
This is a selection of personal models I have produced whilst learning Zbrush and Modo.
User Interface

I am currently working as a Senior GUI Artist at Blitz Games Studios.
Having previously worked at Rare Ltd on 3 shipped AAA titles.
I consider myself to be a very versatile artist who can work in many different areas within the art team to a high level.
I have recently been more focused on user interface graphic design and implementation. In addition to this I have also taken on the responsibility of managing a group of artists.
I am passionate about working in the games industry, I'm keen to further my skills with my ultimate aim of becoming an art director in the future.

Software Skills
3D Software
  • Maya (inc. MEL) - Highly Skilled
  • Modo - Skilled
  • Zbrush - Skilled

2D Software
  • Photoshop - Highly Skilled
  • Flash (inc. Action Script) - Skilled
  • Illustrator - Skilled
  • After Effects - Skilled
  • Premiere - Skilled
  • Combustion - Some Experience
  • XUI - Highly Skilled

Web Development
  • html - Highly Skilled
  • css - Skilled
  • php - Some Experience
  • Wordpress - Skilled

  • Hansoft - Skilled